Automated functions allow for more efficient management of parking space. They reduce the time and energy needed to find vacant parking spots and decrease collisions while parking as compared to a human driver.

In dedicated public or private parking areas and garages, the car drives to the parking spot and takes over the actual parking. During the manoeuvre the driver can be either inside or outside of the car, monitoring the parking via a separate device, e.g. smartphone. The car learns the manoeuvre while being driven by the driver before actually parking.

Further Applications

Traffic Jam

The car drives in traffic congestion on multiple lanes in one direction with separators. It stays within its lane, brakes and accelerates to keep up...

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On a single lane or on all lanes the car adapts to the traffic conditions during day and night time. Considering system limits indicated for instance...

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Complex traffic and dynamic behaviour are the major challenges for a car driving in urban areas. The vehicle adapts to the traffic situation: enhanced...

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